Takeaways Week 1

  1. I learned about the 4 P’s of Marketing and how Product is all about the feel, everything from look, design, packaging, and even the smell.
    • What is Skeuomorphism?
    • This article explains how software has a “feel” which was something really popularized by the iPhone and Apple. They explain how skeuomorphism is still everywhere to some degree but it is starting to be a thing of the past with the designs of new user interfaces from iOS to Windows.
  2. I learned about emotion and how it can be used to sell a product. This is something I have seen before but I never really actually thought about.
    • Do Emotions Sell?
    • This article has several examples of advertisements that use emotion. Then it questions on if it is really good marketing and if they actually help sell the product. The article then goes on to explain how to incorporate emotional logic into your promotions.
  3. I learned that brand=identity, and we used some good examples including the startup sound of a Mac.
    • Apple’s Branding Strategy
    • This article explains how Apple has created its empire through its unique brand identity. They explain that the user interface has always been a huge priority for them, especially through the gestures of the iPhone which have made their way to the iPad and more recently the Mac. Everything they do just screams Apple, from the user interfaces, the product design, and even the packaging.
  4. We learned about how important packaging is to the success of a product.
    • Inside Apple’s secret packaging room
    • This was interesting to read, and yes I know I seem to have a thing for Apple at this point. I like good products what can I say. This article spoke about just how important the packaging is to Apple. The look, feel, and ease of opening it were huge design factors as well as making it protect the product of course. I thought the part where they spoke about how one of the package designers just opened boxes for months was insane. All that work into designing a box, but when I think about it everything about it, from the look, and feel, and especially that feeling you get when you open it and pull out the product for the first time is carefully crafted by Apple.
  5. We talked a lot about product placement in stores and how their placement can influence sales.
    • Aisle Placements Affect Grocery Sales
    • This article speaks about how placement in stores drives sales which we spoke about in class, but it goes into a little more detail about how completely different products or cross category items can be sold. They use chips and soda in the article, two different items which usually have their own aisles and can actually have an increase in sales if they are actually in the same aisle.

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