Takeaways Week 2 Strikes Back


This week as a class we learned a lot about the importance of markets, doing research and analytics, and began to cover the importance of keywords and effective content writing.

  1. We spoke about markets and how to succeed we need to narrow our focus and find a niche. I looked for articles relating to finding a niche in the app stores because I believe they are so over saturated with apps in every category and you have to find your niche crowd to stand out and make a reputable name for yourself. In this article the author explains how important it is to find a niche so that your app can stand out. The steps he breaks it down into are fairly common sense, example “Less Competition” if there are 60,000 apps in the App store you could limit your cometion by being in a category of 6,500 apps related to health and fitness you should break that down and find a niche inside of that that has even less competition.
  2. This article relates to the first but it focuses more on how to conduct market research to find a niche and determine if your idea is going to potentially be successful. The article explains how you can browse the charts on your iPhone see what apps are doing well what isn’t and how to check trends with Google trends and to use the Google Keyword Tool. I thought that tool was really neat, and the author explains how you can use keywords to see what people are searching for and how many searches they get in a month.
  3. Cookies were mentioned in class and I’m not going to lie even though I know they are the computer cookies and not the delicious baked treats, my mouth still waters whenever the word cookie is mentioned. In this article the author shows how cookies can become an incredibly useful tool to marketers. The article explains basic code of a cookie and how to incorporate them into your pages. The article is keen on explaining that cookies are used to benefit both you and the customer.
  4. We spoke about how important it is to be analytic, and how that was number one when it came to skills that employers want us to have. I was interested in other skills that employers would want from someone in my field and this article really focuses on creating an online presence where I need to focus on displaying my skills. They say that having a portfolio is the most critical part in becoming an attractive potential employee. They stress originality, make things that stand out or that people haven’t seen before.
  5. In class we spoke about creating web copy, at first I was confused at what copy writing was I realize it is just creating the words that will essentially paint the picture for the product. This article gives tips on how you should format content based on a website, and gives an entertaining perspective into the mindset of site visitors and how to keep them on the page and interested. The author’s number one tip is to treat them like wild animals, because they are essentially on a hunt for both information and the product. Your sites should offer the information they want and it should be easily accessible to them.

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