Takeaways Week 3


During this class we learned about how beneficial it is to work with Google, how important the content is to the site, especially the homepage, and how to select a good domain name. My five takeaways in this class were:

  1. The topic of Neuromarketing was briefly covered in this class. I thought the topic sounded interesting, and in the article it makes it sound even more so. The applications for it are endless, and although quite new it is already yielding positive results in various types of marketing such as commercials and websites. The article does explain that it is new, and it does have limitations, such as the Hawthorne effect or where the subjects know they are being observed and act differently than they would if they were not, and that the test cases are from small sample groups because they cannot test large groups with the equipment. I just find it interesting because if marketers really get it down to a science or figure out ways to increase the amount of people used for the sample testing then you could potentially have a huge advantage when it comes to selling your products. If you know what people are thinking instead of what they are saying, and lets face it we say things that often don’t reflect how we really feel, your company will have a huge advantage over others if you can align yourself with the consumers interests and your product and business with their behaviors.
  2. We spoke about how each page should be optimized and that our “product” page needs to really sell the product. I have never designed a page to sell an actual product. In the article that I found the title alone was pretty enticing, Better Product Pages: Turn Visitors into Customers. That really sums up exactly what you want a product page to do, turn the visitor into a customer. The article explains how important it is to make a good first impression and it descripes different strategies to aid in selling your product. Using humor made complete sense, if you can make the visitors laugh the battle is already half won, and the features, wording, targeting, and explanation of the product are critical as well. Standing out from other products was also mentioned, if you are no different than any of the no doubt countless similar products out there, than you are not going to be successful. Lesson here: stand out, make ’em laugh, and just make your site awesome, even if the product itself isn’t you will still succeed so long as you have the best presentation of the product.
  3. Keywords for Google search was covered in more depth in class as well. We learned where we should place the keywords, and how to work with Google to optimize our website so it shows up in web searches. I found an article that was pretty interesting about the difference between search engine optimization and social media optimization regarding keywords. The article shows how to utilize different social media sites including, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Flickr. The author explains that Twitter is something that marketers ignore at their own peril because it is a powerhouse of information. Hashtags are huge, and with Google now including hashtag results in its searches Twitter is something that should be utilized in seeing what consumers are interested in.
  4. I found an article that describes how you should go about making an outline for a website. It’s something we have covered in our web development classes but the article explains how we should balance the needs of the business with the needs of the users of the site. I thought that was an important point to make, the site is important but it should cater to the visitor so they become a consumer of your product. The article goes on to explain that we should know how to group the information and pages in the most efficient manner possible to develop an outline and that we should establish a sort of priority among the different pages of the site. The most navigated and important pages should come first and less important content will be below that in the outline.
  5. This article was a good reminder on how to create homepage’s that don’t suck. The author of the article compares the homepage to billboards in that critical information needs to be communicated extremely fast. You want everything to be there to get the visitors attention and want to buy your product or service. Great content is critical and i the article you need to be able to do it in a few words, and not only say it but to show the product as well. The author says to look for inspiration when designing your site because things that are creative and that truly stand out are the ones that stick in peoples minds. The article then shows a gallery of effective homepage designs, several that I have seen before such as the Evernote homepage which is always pretty engaging.

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