Takeaways Week 3 Part 2


Last class was really about market research and we also learned all about PBR, or Positioning, Branding, and Relationship Marketing. Probably the biggest takeaway I had was that you can position your product on emotion.

  1. This article explains in very simple steps on how you can establish your brand and position yourself to succeed online. Everything from standing out with your content style and creating a unique image or logo will help differentiate you from competitors. The article tells you how important social media can be and that visitors like to know who they are dealing with, and you should show them a little transparency and introduce your team. It allows the customers to see who they are dealing with and they can then associate faces to the business and relate to the team as a whole.
  2. In this article the author really went into detail about how to make your website successful in terms of both functioning correctly and getting noticed. I thought that it was important that he mentioned doing research and all the analytics to ensure success as well as making sure your site actually worked as well. A pretty looking website that doesn’t work isn’t really worth having, and the author explains that you should run crawl simulations of your sites and that you should also test the sites in a browser emulator to ensure that it works across browsers and devices. Online usability testing is also recommended as well as setting up accounts on different social media sites for your business, Youtube if you will be having any videos, Twitter and Facebook to communicate with consumers etc.
  3. Conducting research into how users interact with your mobile site or app was something that I have been thinking about for a while. You want to get as much feedback prior to launching the app so that you can make any changes or improvements before the final release so that you have a better launch and so it is better received by consumers. This article explains steps that can be taken to get feedback from consumers/users from different stages in the development cycle. From creating paper prototypes to screen and gesture recorders, all of these are incredibly important in developing a successful product. The author also mentions that testing on the users devices is also important because experiences can vary from device to device and even certain carriers have different speeds which will affect the experience of the app or site.
  4. We spoke about how important relationship marketing is during class and this article goes into detail on just how important it is and what we can do to utilize relationships to succeed online. This article explains that you should understand your target audience and really engage them. You should take the good reviews and bad reviews and really try to satisfy the wants of your audience, and it is important to actually converse with them. It makes your business more personable and when you listen you foster a relationship. The author also explains that you should be involved in the community, and you should be answering questions and acknowledging customers. Above all you should also provide great customer service both online and off.
  5. In class we spoke about needing to differentiate yourself from the competition, which is something I have been thinking about in our mobile development class. I want to create awesome apps, and potentially make some money with them but I have noticed that there are just so many apps in every category that it seems impossible to stand out amongst thousands of apps. This article explains that competition isn’t always a bad thing, it shows that there is a demand for a product. You can see the rankings of competitors apps and see how they are doing, you can read their feedback and see what people want from them and incorporate ideas into your app or what they don’t like so you can differentiate your app from theirs. The author also explains that you can see what kind of pricing is being done to the apps so you can price your product competitively and that you can use your research into competitors to see what they are naming the app and keywords that people are using to find similar apps. You want your app to show up in searches, make it relevant so your app gets out there and people see it.

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